Termination of Registration

Students must remain in good academic standing throughout their studies. In line with SGS policy, failure to maintain good academic standing may result in various sanctions, including ineligibility for fellowships, lowest priority for bursaries and assistantships, and termination.

The SGS may terminate the registration and eligibility of a student:

  1. who fails to comply with the General Regulations of the School, the relevant Degree Regulations, or the specific degree requirements of the graduate unit in which the student is registered, or
  2. who fails to maintain satisfactory progress in the degree program in which the student is registered, as measured either by the general standards of the School or by the specific ones of the graduate unit.

In IHPME, students who fail two or more courses, who fail to maintain a B average or who fail to meet with his/her supervisory committee and/or program director for more than two years will be considered for termination from their program of studies.