How Not to Plagiarize

The University of Toronto's Writing Support website provides a wide range of writing information and links to writing resources, courses and centers. Their handout, How Not To Plagiarize, provides a useful overview on how to document sources and acknowledge the ideas you have encountered, while establishing your thinking to the reading you have done. They provide answers to some common questions students may have:

  • If I put the ideas into my own words, do I still have to clog up my pages with all those names and numbers?
  • But I didn't know anything about the subject until I started this paper. Do I have to give an acknowledgement for every point I make?
  • How can I tell what's my own idea and what has come from somebody else?

In addition, they provide an overview of Standard Documentation Formats, including how to cite electronic sources, such as the Internet and email communications, according to MLA and APA.