Ashbury, Fredrick D.

Ashbury, Fredrick D, PhD (York)
Associate Professor, Associate SGS Member

President, PICEPS Consultants, Inc
700 Finley Avenue, Unit 5
Ajax, ON  L1S 3Z2

Professional Interests

clinical effectiveness, technology assessment / drug utilization, performance measurement / program evaluation, health services delivery, knowledge transfer, primary care, workplace / rehabilitation, public and population health, cancer prevention and screening

Current Research

  • 2009 -- Cigarillo use among young adults: An assessment of the impact of restrictions on cigarillo sales. Grant from the Canada Tobacco Control Research Institute ($79,468). Co-investigator; Principal investigator: Dr Robert Schwartz
  • 2009 -- Proposal for the Canadian Team Network in Surveillance and Epidemiology. Grant from the Canadian Partnership against Cancer ($900,000). Co-principal investigator and executive sponsor. Co-principal investigator: Dr Juanita Hatcher
  • 2008-2011 -- CIHR Team in a community-based intervention to reduce obesity through increasing fruits, vegetables, whole grains and reducing sweetened soft drinks. Grant from the Canadian Institutes of health Research ($1,444,315). David J.A. Jenkins, Nancy Kreiger, Ahmed El-Sohemy, Fredrick D. Ashbury, Anthony Hanley, Patrick Brown, Beatrice Boucher
  • 2008-2009 -- Weight Management Participation Study. Population Health Innovation Interventions Grant, Alberta Cancer Legacy Fund ($1,500,000). Principal investigator

Recent Publications